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Khamis, 28 April 2011


Islamic Windows 7 Theme Quran Sounds Islamic Icons Prayer Gadget Blue Curosrs

In The Name Of Allah .. I introduce to you magnificent Islamic Windows 7 Theme that i can say it is the best of my themes the theme come with start button (orb) in shape of Allah in arabic created by me and prayer gadget to alarm you when the prayer time comes in addition of the regular theme content of sounds icons and curosrs .. i think all muslims should try it i hope it spread the peace in your hearts.

Islamic Windows 7 Theme consists of

- 62 Amazing Islamic Wallpapers
- Quran sounds
- Islamic Icons
- Blue Wonderful Curosrs
- Allah Start Button ( Orb ) created by me
- Prayer times gadget to alarm you in every prayer and don’t forget to pray for me and ask for forgiveness for me
- To install just Click on Islamic Themepack ..


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